We can offer

Relocations of production equipment and processes within Europe and to China

We participate and realise projects of technology, equipment and know-how transfers, duplicating european equipment and processes and adapting them to chinese environment. Projects start by creating master schedule and definitions and continue with sea and / or airfreight, customs clearance, set up, training and end by putting the equipment into regular operation.

Project and product management

Our company is an active consultant for inovations in home appliance systems focusing on pumps and valves in field of refrigeration and coffee makers as well as solenoids, moulded plastic components, steel parts and rubber parts.

Industrial engineering / Process improvements

Starting primary with state analysis, proposal and execution of corrective actions, calculation of return till final implementation. You can save anywhere - working costs, material costs, non-quality even on storage or packaging.

Engineering / Machinery

From concept to start up. The equipment is being developed together with customer to match his needs to 100%. Complex machines are realised in cooperation with professional suppliers from Slovakia. We can also offer an outstanding cooperation with toolmakers and engineering companies from Asia, Czech republic, Germany and Austria. Whether you need an injection moulding tool or a tool for stamping, manual assembly workplace or fully automatic assembly line, testing equipment, leakage check or electrical test.


Our cooperation companies across Europe and Asia can satisfy every request for production material or component. Whether you need a motor, turned part or simple o-ring - we will be glad to provide you the quotation.

Quality services, statistic data processing, material and process analysis

We prepare your company for ISO or customer audit or can execute internal audit. We can provide statistic data processing and analysis resulting into corrective action plans. We can qualify your suppliers. We can provide external material sorting and material analysis - composition, structure, physical and chemical properities. We cooperate with certified laboratories and institutions.